How does a Happynecks pillow work?

The Happynecks® pillow is specially designed to provide optimal neck support during dental treatments. Here's how it works:

  • Ergonomic Design

    • The pillow is shaped to support the natural curvature of the neck. This ensures that the neck remains in a neutral position, which reduces tension and pressure on the muscles and vertebrae.
  • Adjustable Position

    • The cushion can easily be placed in the treatment chair and adjusted to the specific needs of the patient. This makes it suitable for different body types and treatment positions.
  • Comfortable Material

    • Made from high-quality, soft but firm foam, the pillow provides both comfort and stability. The material adapts to the shape of the neck without collapsing too much, which helps to maintain the correct posture.
  • Support During Treatment

    • During dental procedures, the patient's head remains stable, preventing unnecessary movements. This makes it easier for dentists to work accurately and reduces the risk of neck and shoulder complaints for the patient.
  • Easy to clean

    • The cushion is covered with a hygienic, water-resistant cover that is easy to clean and disinfect, ensuring a safe and hygienic treatment environment.

By combining these features, the Happynecks® pillow helps both dentists and patients to work more comfortably and efficiently, while significantly reducing the risk of neck and shoulder complaints.